We are PA’s premiere boutique fitness & wellness studio. Striving to provide you a next level experience in strengthening not only your body, but your mind and soul.  We offer a robust program of cardio dance, strength training, toning, and holistic health practices.  We aim to inspire, elevate, & empower. We are about YOU, unedited, fully-expressed, authentically happy. We unlock your vibe through body & soul work. Our fitness classes include Zumba Fitness®, Barre, Barre Pump PiYo®, Pound Fitness®, Bombay Jam®, BEAT HIIT, Yoga, Meditation and we are proud to be the first studio in PA to offer 305 Fitness! Additionally, we offer workshops and programs designed to focus on your inner wellness, to unlock the full potential of your body, mind and soul. Our brand new and completely revamped studio facility offers an uplifting environment to encourage every member to discover their true and fully expressed self. Exclusive member benefits include access to in studio or online access to classes, private member only online forum, personal training, coffee lounge, showers and a powerful, judgement-free, uplifting community! 


Our Mission at Vibe Vault Fit is focused on unlocking your inner vibe through body and soul work. We believe in empowering yourself to find authentic joy by allowing your body to create through dance and fitness methods.  Our warm and positive environment fosters a community of like minded individuals brought together in search of self discovery, lifting each other up while finding beauty in imperfection. Reach out today to learn more about the classes we offer and how to join our tribe!

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Bhavna and Kristine met 6 years as ago as their paths crossed but now know that was not by mistake. The combination of these two women is unmatched. They were destined to come back around as they both shared a passion for fitness and wellness and now opening their dream studio in Exton, Pa - Vibe Vault Fit. Vibe represents your inner vibe (soul) and Vault is represented by your body. They want their patrons to “unlock their vibe through body & soul work”. Although Bhavna and Kristine have had different paths that have lead to today, they have shared a  common goal to create a place for all to come together through fitness and wellness within a community that supports all diversity in a welcoming peaceful space to build women up with self confidence through a fun fitness experience

Co-owner at Vibe Vault Fit, has been teaching Zumba® Fitness classes since 2011, Bombay Jam since 2017, and 305 fitness since 2019.   

Dr.B’s Philosophy:  Working out can be inspired, and should address health and fitness in all aspects, including body, mind, spirit. She designs her dance fitness classes to create a high cardiovascular demand, tone large and small muscle groups, challenge the mind through 3-4 step choreographies, and lift the spirit through a curated combination of music and movement. Her vision for Vibe Vault Fit is to promote a warm community, a tribe, that will walk together toward a healthier, more fulfilling, and extraordinary life. Wellness, like happiness, is a journey not a destination; it is a mindset.  Dr. B’s goal is to help you make your own journey a priority and claim the life that is waiting for you.


Dr. B’s fitness journey began after the birth of her second child when she found herself struggling with a sluggish metabolism and diet-resistant extra baby weight.  She started working out with a personal trainer and several years later found herself in a Zumba fitness class.  The transformation in, not only her fitness, but also her energy, outlook, confidence, and joy was so impactful to her life, Dr. B now wants to share that transformative experience with others.


In her other life, Dr. B serves as co-founder and vice-president of the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation. A deep belief in human-dignity and freedom as a birthright, as well as a sense of responsibility to become participants in the fight for social justice, have been Dr. Shyamalan’s driving force in creating and steering the efforts of the foundation. Through her stewardship and vision, the foundation focuses on leaders who empower communities to break through barriers created by poverty, social/racial injustice, modern day slavery and human trafficking.


Dr. B has been a National and International presenter for Zumba® Fitness, teaching workshops and master classes to other instructors focused on Bollywood & Bhangra Rhythms (2011-13) and The Beauty of the Dance (2016-present). She is a featured dancer on the Zumba® Fitness Consumer DVD Collection (EXHILARATE) as well as the ZUMBA® WORLD PARTY video game, and has represented Zumba ®Fitness at a couple of notable industry trade shows.  Dr. B is also the first East Coast Brand Ambassador for Bombay Jam.

Dr. B has certifications and qualifications in the following:

Zumba® Fitness, Zumba® Toning, Zumba® Fitness Presenter (2011-Present) Bombay Jam® (East Coast Ambassador), 305 Fitness.  Featured in PhillyFit Magazine (2020).



Ph.D. Clinical Developmental Psychology, Bryn Mawr College

School Psychology Certification, Bryn Mawr College

B.A. Magna Cum Laude, New York University

Kristine Carroll, Co-Owner of Vibe Vault Fit, former owner of Love 2 be Fit Studio, and an AFAA certified instructor has been a leader in the Group Fitness market in the Philadelphia Area for 25 years. Her passion for fitness and her ability to connect with her members during her classes has created an extensive following and a reputation that expands across the country due to her social media presence.

Kristine’s fitness journey started at Elon University where she was not only a collegiate cheerleader and Director of the Elon Group Fitness Program, but also graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a minor in Leisure Sport Management. From there, Kristine continued to teach group classes in the areas of cardio (305 Fitness, Zumba, Turbokick, Step, Bootcamp, BEAT HIIT, HipHop), strength (PiYO, STRONG by Zumba, POUND, BARRE PUMP), and flexibility (Barre Above) at multiple studios across the Philadelphia Area. In 2016 she acquired Love 2 be Fit Studio and later joined Bhavna Shyamalyan to open Vibe Vault Fit in Chester County PA. Their goal for their latest venture is to create a space that brings mind and body together and allows members to find themselves through dance, fitness, and a sense of belonging.

In addition to her fitness career, Kristine also has a passion for coaching members with nutrition and helping them further with their healthy lifestyle goals. When working with her members at Vibe Vault Fit, Kristine juggles her busy life as a wife and mother of 3 kids. She enjoys listening to music often dancing in her car with her kids to the Pitbull station on XM radio.

Kristine has certifications and acknowledgments in the following: 305fitness, Zumba®, Zumba® Gold, STRONG® by Zumba, POUND®, Barre Above® , PiYo Strength, Turbo Kick, Cardio Funk, HipHop, Bootcamp, and Step. Kristine also designed BARRE PUMP, BEAT HIIT and POWER FUSION formats exclusive to Vibe Vault Fit. Featured in Phillyfit Magazine and Workout-a-thon presenter.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Elon, University

Minor : Sports and Leisure Management, Elon University

Post graduate classes: St. Joseph's University